The Iron Man Sighting

Iron Man texting on the train, next to his super cool 10 speed.
A lot of people don't know, this but when it rains outside, Iron Man takes the TRAX train.

He got off at the mall where I can only assume he is meeting Thor and the Hulk at the food court for a "slice" at Sbarro's.

They will discuss their next mission and then stop on over to the Gap to buy some skinny jeans.
But not the Hulk, he is kind of stuck on the purple capri pant look.


Jill said…
Ok, now this would super creep me out. I am glad you were brave enough to snap a picture of this rare sighting. I would be looking with anxious eyes for the next available stop so I could bail. But then again, I am a bad guy, we always run we see super heroes.

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