The Blind Date Add On

So the other day my coworker was trying to line me up on a blind date, as all good coworkers do.

She gave me the typical run down about this girl she wanted to set me up with, how we had a lot in common, how tall she is, how she had like two masters degree and knits bandages for Syrian refugees, etc.

And then she added this little caveat which seemed oddly out of place, "Oh, and she is really pretty, but my husband thinks she looks like a witch." 

"OK, Yep,...wait, what was that?"

"Yeah, my husband thinks she looks like a witch. But you are going to love her."

So, I am not an expert on setting up people, but you might not want to lead off with the phrase, "I want to set you up with my friend who looks like a witch." In fact, leave the similarities to her being "witch-like" out of the conversation all together. When you describe your friend as a witch, you are driving a nail into her "blind date" coffin, or driving a stake into her heart, if she is in fact a witch...or is that a vampire, it's hard to say.

Even if this women was the most beautiful women in the world, the men that go on a blind date with her will spend the whole evening trying to figure out why her friend described her as a witch, because men are pigs and are superficial that way.

Any way, I am really excited for our date. I can't want to see if she is a good witch or a bad witch.


Unknown said…
OMGOSH this made laugh out loud and smile. Enjoy your date! Life has too many wonderful surprises to be closed minded. - Brenda Caballero 8-)
emmy said…
I laughed outloud when I read this. It is very mysterious to think about someone fitting the description of really pretty but looks like a witch. Incredibly intriguing - you almost have to go just to see what this person might look like to satisfy your curiosity. Can't wait for a detailed report of your blind date:)
Unknown said…
So did she look like a witch? Asking for a friend.

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