The Hidden Talent

Do you know what saddens me more than anything? That most people will never know what a great lip syncher I am.

I am never as free with my skills as when I am in my own bedroom, jamming out in front of my full sized mirror, with my lamp shade turned on it's side to form a make shift spotlight, performing Michael Jackson's "Blame it On the Boogie", or High School Musicals "We're All In This Together".

What frustrates me the most is that it's not like you can go out and search for opportunities to share this talent, because they seemed to be reserved for youth groups and family reunions.

I tried to just show up last week for the Youth Activity at church with my ghetto blaster and sequin pants, but they kindly asked me to leave. "Let me thrill you with the power of my lip sync", I yelled as they dragged me out of the building. But they were having none of it.

So if any one knows of any venues that are open to some quality lip syncing please let me know. If not I will be performing, and by performing I mean lip syncing, a melody of my favorite patriotic songs down at the Gallivan Center for the entire month of January. For the finale their will be fireworks, and by fireworks I mean sparklers. So come one down!


Heidi said…
Rob + sequin pants = awesomeness.
Oh, Roberto! You should have been born in Asia which would have allowed for ample opportunities for karaoke and lip synching.
Miss Molly said…
I want you to know something. I sat down last night and read roughly...12 entries or so (of this here blog) out loud to my hubby. We were both ROLLING. Did you know I did a shout out to you on my blog?

As far as the lip syncing is concerned...I used to LONG for the day I could be on the lip syncing TV show. Do you remember it?

Please, by all means...enjoy. And dream on.
Miss Molly said…
Shoot! The audio has been disabled. Someone found out it was just a lip sync. Blame it on the rain.
thisnewplace said…
Let's see some Stevie Wonder.
meredith said…
I'd organize a family reunion for this purpose alone!

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