The Sledding Incident

I don’t know if it’s just me, but as I have gotten older activities that used to thrill me as a child have now become absolutely terrifying. Activities like skiing, swimming in the ocean, and sledding make me fear for my very life.

So, I went sledding this weekend, that’s right sledding, with some friends up by Bear Lake. As we drove up the canyon with our sleds and tubes I began to feel a little nervous, but I was trying to be brave and make a good impression in front of my friends.

I got to the top of the hill and sat on my sled determined not to procrastinate this challenge any longer. So, about twenty minutes later I lifted my heals out of the frozen ground and started my descent.

As I started down, my fear got the best of me. that is when the flailing of the arms…ok, and my legs, began. Come to find out you can’t create enough wind resistance to slow yourself down just by waving your arms and legs against the wind. Lesson learned friends, lesson learned.

Then I thought if I just dig my heals into the snow I will be able to slow myself down sufficiently in order go at a safer speed. My theory was proven wrong however when I found that as I dug my heals into the snow, the momentum of that little act turned my sled completely 180 degrees.

So now I was going 80 mph, going backwards, flailing my arms, and in addition screaming like a little girl.

I finally got to the end of the hill, laid down “spread eagle” and sobbed softly to myself.

I started down the hill trying to make a good impression in front of my friends. Well, needless to say I made quite an impression.

Lucky for me after that super fun sled run, my friend broke her ankle after an equally troubling tubing run, so we got to leave.

Thank you friend…thank you!


You seriously brighten my day with the imagery created by your writing!! My mom said that everyone at work reads your blog together now (I showed her one of your posts over Christmas)and that many times they laugh so hard they have to pass around the kleenex. She insists that you keep them coming. Also, if it makes you feel better, a few years back I was skiing up in Idaho with my family and a friend. As we were coming down this long, bitter cold hill I couldn't help but wish I was anywhere but there. That just happened to be the run that my friend got his board tipped on, and he felt hard, breaking his shoulder. I never have admitted to anyone that I was grateful for that little spill that allowed me to get out of my cold boots and into a warm emergency room. There. It's off my chest. Thanks!
ShEiLa said…
I don't have a clue WHO you are??? But you are going to help me ADD years to my life with laughter.

Thank YOU friend, thank YOU!!!


ps. I tried snow tubing once after I became an adult. Got injured... NEVER tried again. I so totally relate to your story.
thisnewplace said…
My kids thought it very funny when I went sledding recently and flipped off the sled (while the little one stayed on). Nailed my tailbone and got a faceful of snow...not the most graceful thing I have ever done. I think adults just don't flop around the way kids can...they are like cats.
Sue Sparks said…
So funny! I can relate because YEARS ago when I was in college my roommates and I went with some friends to their home in Wyoming. We went horseback riding , and the horses took off at a full run! This city girl was a bit terrified, but almost right away my roommate actually fell off of her horse when we all jumped over a trench! Mercifully, that ended our horseback riding:)
Carrot Jello said…
It's good to know there are people around that will break appendages for you.
I need friends like that.

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