The IPAD Encounter

Yesterday during stake conference I saw my first Apple IPAD sighting. I must say it was quite impressive. I don’t think anyone around this good brother holding his IPAD got anything out of stake conference because all eyes were on this amazingly large gadget.

Now there are definitely going to be some draw backs to bringing your IPAD to church. The first, and obvious one, is that no one is going to be paying attention to any lesson or speaker because everyone will watching you diddling on your Ipad. They could announce the second coming over the pulpit and no one would even know because everyone around you would be so enthralled with the amazing functionality and bright colors of your high-tech machinery.

Secondly, remember how back in the day when you would bring you IPHONE to church and instead of using it to follow along in the lesson, you could check sport scores and play solitaire during priesthood? And so long as you nodded your head ponderously and looked heavenward every so often, no one was the wiser.

Well, with this new IPAD those days are long since over. You might as well be playing solitaire on a billboard than be playing it on your IPAD, because friends we can all see exactly what you are doing 50 feet away.

So the first time we see you check scores, play solitaire, or watch a movie during church, I am afraid I am going to have to confiscate your IPAD.

As Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Promise me good brother; you will only use your IPAD for good.


DAvID R. said…
Funny thing is that we had Stake Conference yesterday as well, and the brother sitting behind me had himself a shinny new iPad as well, I caught myself glancing every now and then behind me to see this thing in action..... distracting indeed.
Nathan said…
I nearly threw up when this guy came to an event we had proudly sporting one. When someone mentioned it, he announced (loud enough to be heard on the 4th floor of the building), "Yeah, I have an iPad."

Subtle ... Real subtle.
em said…
You don't know me but I love reading. Keep it up. Oh and my husband is one of those nerds who brings his Ipad to church. Cracks me up :)

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