The Wrong Name

Do you ever assume that you are better friends with someone than they think you are? I have this “friend” who lives in my neighborhood, we work for the same company, and we belong to the same church, so you would think we could consider each other friends, maybe not “best-ies” but friends nevertheless.

So yesterday I saw my friend at work and I walked up to him and said, “Hey friend (the name has been changed to protect me), How is it going?”

His response, “Hey Dave, It’s good to see you.”

I thought, "Dave? Really? Dave?"

Now let me pause here to remind you the name of my blog, The Days and Nights of Robierto. No, my first name isn’t Davy, it’s Robbie, Mr. Abney if you're nasty.

So as we made small talk, he kept referring to me as “Dave”. I can understand him making the same mistake once but over and over again? I didn’t know if I should have correct him, because I know he knows my name, he used it last week at church for pity’s sake.

I was so bugged, that I couldn’t even focus on our conversation. I kept wondering what is the right social protocol here, and where is he pulling the name “Dave” from?

Looking at me you can tell I am definitely not a “Dave”, I am a “Rob”…or possibly a “Rigoberto” but definitely not a “Dave”.

I probably should have corrected him, huh. But that is the sort of things you do with strangers, or people you dated once, and then it ended badly and you run into them at the mall, not someone you consider a “friend”.

He did tell me he just got back from the eye doctor and his eyes were dilated. Maybe he did think I was this mysterious “Dave”.

That would explain why he asked me about my wife “Franchesca”.


Nathan said…
I've had this happen before (although I guess it's not exactly the same).

A lot.

But it was on the phone.

And they called me my mom's name.

And when I said I wasn't my mom, they thought I was one of my sisters.

And unfortunately, this isn't confined to my childhood. It would happen tomorrow if I moved back in with my parents.

That's the curse of having a high voice.
Carrot Jello said…
Naaasty boy. Oh you nasty boy, UH!

Probably inappropriate, but I had to. You mad eme.
Carrot Jello said…
No, I mean, you made me.
meredith said…
Kind of like when uncle steve thought I was cousin nick's girlfriend...

Thanks for the laugh dave!

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