Quiet Dignity

When I was on my mission, my companions and I would get a little raucous and loud. But how could I not be raucous? I was hilarious.

After a time of raucous laughter, my Mission President would sidle up to me, put his arm on my shoulder, and whisper, “Quiet dignity Elder. Quiet dignity

That seemed to quiet me right down. I knew that as a missionary I should be more “dignified” because of what I was doing.

This weekend I had occasion to go to General Conference and I was reminded of the importance of the principle of “Quiet Dignity”.

Now I don’t know if you are aware but outside the Conference Center there are people out protesting the Church and some of its doctrines. I was prepared for that.

What I wasn’t prepared for, were some of the members of my church doing counter protesting in some pretty ridiculous ways. Let me call out few of the things that I saw and you be the judge how “Quiet Dignified” they were.

Group #1- As I entered the Conference Center grounds, there was a group of about nine people holding posters that said, “Free Hugs”. Now I don’t like to stereotype people but I could see a group of freshman from BYU thinking this would be a great idea. I am graduate of that great school, and love it with all my heart, but friends, two words, Quiet Dignity!

Group #2- I saw sign, that’s right, a sign, not a poster but a full on 12 foot vinyl sign that said the following: “Hi my name is Satan. These street protesters are my missionaries.” Really?

Two words friends: Quiet Dignity

I was a little embarrassed for my fellow brothers and sisters, because are they really helping our cause or are they making the rest of us look ridiculous?

As I walked out of conference and walked by a group that was just singing hymns, I was heard to say, “Friends thank you for keeping it quiet and dignified. Thank you for adding to the spirit instead of drawing attention to yourselves. Keep it real!


Anonymous said…
You are so grounded! Thank you for your quiet dignity in bringing this sweet finale to your blog. Which session did you attend? All of conference was absolutely wonderful...Dad and I are listening to Priesthood right now for our FHE. Wow! It is so good.

Thank you for being one who has always been so patient....Love you.
Carrot Jello said…
I meant to write, "Hi, my name is Stan..."
But I was in a rush.
Sorry about that.

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