The Cowboy Hip-Hop

Sometimes a YouTube video comes along that just needs to be shared.

Cowboy Hip-Hop. This new dance craze has got me straight up trippin’ boo!

A couple of things to look for:

· I love the out fits of all the dancers but especially the really tall lady with the shoulders missing from her shirt, Heidi I think her name is, and the lead dancer with spandex short underneath her denim shorts. That’s hot.

· The introduction of her backup dancers is very memorable but watch specifically for the sweet moves coming from Heidi and Jaime. Priceless.

· Painful moments: When she says “That’s Jammin’”, the "Country Running Man", and the variation on the "Rodger Rabbit". Wow, hard to watch, but well worth it if you can stick it out.I wonder why country hip hop never caught on?

I will say that on “So You Think You Can Dance?” this year, someone actually tried out doing country hip-hop…he was cut within 10 seconds of his dance.

Now that’s Jammin’!


ShEiLa said…
When do you think we will see the paid advertising for weight loss? ;) It seems like every activity tries to monopolize on that.

I seriously had no idea that dancing like this even existed.
Knowing about it isn't going to make any changes in my life.

Bethany said…
Bummer, Robierto. It told me that the video had been removed. :(

I just know my day could have been SO much better.
Carrot Jello said…
You're such a tease Robert.
Carrot Jello said…
I can see it now.
"Hip rolls", I've got a few of those. This might just be my dance.

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