The Daisy Dukes

So here is something that made me laugh today...

So in honor of Pioneer Day I told my co-workers that we should all dress up like cowboys tomorrow. But I gave them a stern warning that no one should wear their “Daisy Duke” shorts or they would get in trouble.

Then one of my co-worker asked, “Oh "Daisy Dukes" shorts, like the girl from “The Dukes of Hazzard" wore? What was her name again?”

And I’m all, “Um...Daisy Duke.”

And then we all laughed at her until she started crying.

Highlight of my day.

"Come on baby, kick them Daises"


Carrot Jello said…
The highlight of your day was laughing at her until she started crying?
Not much going on at work, eh?
Miss Molly said…
just watched the john daker video. i'm dying. my sides, my sides. STOP IT NOW. I have one week left of the wedding singer. I have yet to see your facial in the audience. hmmmm.....?

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