The Costco Fear

Don’t tell anyone, but I think I am a little scared of the sample lady over at the Costco.

Not “scared” like she is going to come at me with her hot greasy spatula, and take my wallet. Because ya know, she like 80. But “scared” of having to stand there and listen to her little memorized speech about the sample you want to...well sample.
Usually, if I am fast enough, I can grab the sample while her back is turned, but sometimes I get caught, and she launches into her little speech. And instead of just standing there and saying “thank you” and walking away with my sample, like a normal person, I feel like I have to earn my sample and engage in some sort of dialogue with this woman.

 I stand there nodding my head and say things like, “A whole box of these Vienna sausages for $1o.oo? You are right that is an amazing offer. Or “That is a great suggestion for my next social gathering. I have always said that granola bars are a great appetizer for any great party.

Sometimes, because I feel like I need them to feel good about the little show they just put on for me, I will say, “Oh that three bean salad was so great. I am going buy three boxes of that”. Then I will load up my cart, turn the corner, and when no one is looking I will deposit the unwanted item on the next aisle behind the huge boxes of “Easy Mac”.  Needless to say, leaving Costco takes me several hours because I spend most of my time hiding products I don’t actually intend to buy.

I wish I could grab my sample and before the sweet sample lady launches into her little presentation, and say, “Save it grandma, I am just here for the snacks.”

But I am far too nice for that.  I will just continue to falsely build the sample lady’s confidence, and stash products I don’t really intend to buy throughout Costco. 

That’s seems so much nicer to me. Don’t you think? 


Jennie said…
I feel the same way! Sometimes I even avoid the sample lady and pass up the free cream puff just so she doesn't think we are moochers. :) But now, I'll just try your technique - buy and dump the loot later. Thanks for the tip. :)
Jess said…
I can totally relate to this post. It can be so awkward sometimes, but I am willing to risk the awkwardness for those samples.
Megann said…
Continue to be kind to that little old lady, Robert! There may come a day when you find yourself passing out samples at Costco. Which, now that I mention it, wouldn't be such a bad thing. While I couldn't respond this way to an elderly person, I would have no trouble saying to you 'Save it buddy. I'm just here for the snacks!' Oh please, please consider a second job at Costco....
ShEiLa said…
I wonder just how many other people feel this pressure and do the same thing.

stephanie said…
Haha, I always stand there expectantly after I'm finished with the first sample and ask for seconds. I suppose I should borrow a little of your refinement :)
Nathan said…
This fear has such a grip on me that I usually just hoof it past the samples without trying them.

I think I'm the real loser in this scenario.
Carrot Jello said…
"Save it grandma, I'm just here for the snacks."
I'm going to use that line next time I go.
What a time saver!

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