The Brotherhood of the Costco Pants

Do you know what is hard? Finding some pants at Costco that could potentially be the pants that will look so good that you will get that promotion, find a girlfriend, and get a photo spread on INtouch magazines “Who Wore it Best? page”

But really, you can only get a general idea of how they fit by holding them up and trying them on over your Levis. If Costco is going to sell clothes shouldn’t they also provide us place where we can try on said clothes?

Why aren’t there dressing rooms in Costco, friends? What? Do they anticipate that we are all wearing Lycra Spandex as we are shopping and can just slide pants on and off? First, of all I don’t think that Lycra Spandex is  a good look for anyone. And secondly, as I painfully found out last winter, once it gets cold in Utah, Lycra Spandex, is not very practical.

 I guess you could pile up some bulk sized cereal boxes and make a little wall of privacy for yourself, and then hold up a gynormous frying pan to see how they fit. But I don’t know how reliable the shiny surface of frying pan is in determining if slacks are a good fit or if they make your butt look big.

I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do while trying on clothes at Costco…you shouldn't just drop your pants in the middle of Costco and try on the slacks. They seem to frown upon I found out Saturday afternoon.  


Stephanie Abney said…
As always, Rob, you crack me up. I have OFTEN wondered (in annoyance) why they sell clothes and don't have any fitting rooms. Just weird. Take care.
Love, Aunt Stephanie
ShEiLa said…
Hehehehe. *Ü*

Maybe they will put those dressing rooms in now.


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