The Greatest Dressers in the Office

Remember that time when my co-worker and I wore the same outfit to work?
What can I say, we have great taste. 
But why is she shopping in the men’s department at Eddie Bauer… or am I shopping in the women’s department? 
It’s hard to say really, But who cares when we both look so darn fabulous!

(Forgive the pose. We both look like we are going to our office sponsored Sadie Hawkins dance.)


Carrot Jello said…
I say it looks like you both work at an electronics store.
No offense.
I like electronics stores.
O.k., not really.
I just didn't want you to take offense at my first comment.
Either that, or you're motivational love speakers.
Heidi said…
What was your day-date like?! Did you do a mall scavenger hunt? Because that would be so rad!
Greg said…
so awesome. i wore that same outfit on friday.
Katie said…
The best part is how tall you are and how not tall she is... you should have done a standing up pose!

PS the word verification i have to type is a bad word ... no joke!
ShEiLa said…
I know the truth... you planned it. ;)

Rob Abney, you are delightful!
Carrot Jello said…
Hey, now I know your last name! I can stalk you! Woohoo!

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