The Halloween Treat

Friends, with the passing of Halloween, and some serious reflection on how it went this year, I have some feelings I would like to share.

I have never been a huge fan of Halloween because…well to be honest it freaks me out a little bit.  I don’t know if I am overly sensitive, but to be honest, Michael Jackson’s thriller still terrifies me.

Here are some items that have also terrified me this Halloween season:  

The Complete Lack of Clothing
I don’t know what happens to people in the fall, but for whatever reason, otherwise sane people just go nutty about being scantily clad on Halloween. If you want to want to wear these items around your house, good on ya’, I can support that. But don’t bring yourself into my office dressed like that. 
And if you have to give a presentation at work on Halloween, maybe dressing up as Michael Phelps in only a  Speedo or as Little Bo Peep Show really isn't the best wardrobe option for ya'. It makes us all feel uncomfortable, and frankly, you should feel uncomfortable because your body shape and sized are not supporting you in your costume choice this Halloween season.

Children, Children Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink
I don’t mind kids on Halloween, and I like it when my co-workers bring their children into my office for display. But I will be darned if someone I don’t even know comes into my office with a gaggle of children and expects me to give them candy. So I reluctantly give them my candy, but then they just in my office waiting for me to tell them how cute their kids are, and how much I like their costumes. 
I don’t like being pressured into a compliment so there we all sit in silence unto one of us leaves. Usually it has to me...which is awkward since it’s my office.

Do Children Trick or Treat Anymore?
This year I went all out on the candies for the little children. I bought the king sized candy bars and do ya’ know how many children came to my house? Zero, nobody. 
I was in my house dressed in my Michael Phelps Speedo costume, watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller, eating three full cases of king sized Snickers alone. That can't be good for ya'.

I really hate Halloween.


Sara White said…
What's your address? I'm trick-or-treating at your house next year!
Marilyn Abney said…
Maybe they heard you were in a speedo and just couldn't handle seeing YOU that way. Keep the king sized candy bars, but reconsider the comfy costume next year. Might work for ya.

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