The Taco Stand

Sometimes I like to take my chances at the portable taco stand down the street. There is so much risk involved every time I eat there, it gives me a little thrill.

I have a 50% chance that I am going to have a fine dining experience in an open air dining facility, and have one of the best tacos I have ever had.

Conversely, I have a 50% chance that I will have a fine dining experience, followed by severe intestinal pain cause by rotten cheese or salmonella.

Ahhh, good times. I kid about food poisoning…but I uh…I do have it.
I LOVE EATING AT THE TACO STAND!…well I don’t love it…but I uh…I do, do it.


Megann said…
That reminds me so much of Peru!!! Those outside stand, coconut macaroon-like cookies were delicious until I found myself laying on a dirty bathroom floor, wishing I were dead. Totally worth it!! I can taste them now....
Nathan said…
One time I got food poisoning right after having major surgery on my rib cage.

Let's just say that throwing up for two days did "wonders" for my recovery.

Stupid Burger King.

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