The Snuggie Commercial

Friends, you know I would rather step on my lips then to criticize others, but sometimes there comes an advertisement that begs to be critiqued. That advertisment is the new Snuggie Commercial.

As you watch the attached video, here are some awesome things to look for:

1-The "Macarena" in a Snuggie. Really friends?

2-Friends is it normal for a couple to hula-hoop and juggle in the bedroom? If so, you need to see a marriage counselor, ASAP.

3-Watch the couple spooning on the couch. The guy catches a piece of popcorn in his mouth and then gets all up in his wife's face about it. In real life wouldn't you just smack him?

4-I love that his wife does the "rapid gunfighter" move with her fingers when she wins her husband at...that's right...Jenga. You gots some made skills, sister!

5- And last but definitely not least, is the man "raising the roof" at the tail end of the commercial. First off, are we really still doing that? That was sooooo 10 years ago.
And secondly, he doesn't even do it right. "You just pump your arms buddy, not your whole body."
I am warning you, it's painful to watch.

People are always asking me, "Rob what is the difference between a Snuggie vs a Slanket?"
And I always say, "Better commercials."


emi-jo said… i'm gonna have nightmares!...
Megann said…
I'm not going to lie to you - I get excited every time this commercial comes on. Because really, who WOULDN'T want to see a judge dancing in a snuggie??!!
Sara White said…
I wonder what kind of marketing research they did....ummm none? Yet, I own a snuggie. (Really my husband gave it to me as a gag Valentine's gift. And that's the story I'm stickin' with,)
Sara White said…
Sorry to post another comment on this, but I saw a Superman Slanket/Snuggie on sale at Khol's over Thanksgiving and laughed out loud at the man that was modeling it. I had to share.
Jana B. said…
I see nothing wrong with this commercial. I got a snuggie for Christmas and it truly makes you feel like doing the macarena. :)

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