The Fortress of Solitude

Do you ever have times when things at work get overwhelmingly hectic? The phone is ringing off the hook, people keep giving you projects, and to make matters worse, you forget to wear deodorant?

At times like this, I have found a refuge of peace in the family bathroom in our office. I don't use the facilities in the traditional way, but just like the idea that I can just shut the door and no one will disturb me.

Sometimes, I like to go in there for; oh I don’t know, like, 3 or 30 minutes just to get away from it all.

Sometimes I like to just close my eyes and shut away the world, much like the Calgon commercials of yesteryear, minus the bubbles.

As I lay on the coolness of the tile it takes all the stress away.


LisAway said…
I can feel the tiles myself and have never been so relaxed.

And thanks for the shout-out to my blog. Just kidding.
Sara White said…
Apparently you need to hide some deodorant in there as well.
Kim said…
I lock myself in the bathroom at work and play Scrabble on my Blackberry when things get too crazy to handle.
I want to talk about the expression, "ringing off the hook".
Is that really possible when referring to a phone that is not of the cellular classification?
Unless, of course, you live in a cartoon and then it really can shake enough to physically knock itself off the hook.
That's all.
Miss you.
Heidi said…
Work bathrooms are the BEST. I've made good friends with the one on my floor AND the one on the floor below me.

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