The Mysterious "U"

Here is the favorite part of my day.
I walked past my co-worker’s cubicle and saw him staring out the window.
Robierto: Um, Joe, what are you looking at buddy?
Joe: How long has the that “U” been on the side of the mountain (referring to the gynormus U by the University of Utah).
Robierto:  Um, I don't know, like a hundred years.
Joe: (he laughs) That’s funny. But seriously, did they put that thing up over the weekend?
Robierto: No. Seriously. I really think the pioneers sectioned it off, put it in their handcarts and walked across the plains, and then reconstructed it when they arrived in the valley. It’s that old.

(But then he looked confused and I realized we weren't joking any more. 

Robierto: Joe? You have never notice the "U" on the mountain before? Really?
Joe: No. I just noticed it today.
Robierto: But Joe, It’s over a 100 feet tall. And you have worked here for over a year with your window pointing right to it.
Joe: Yeah, I don’t know. That’s so weird. You would think I would have noticed it as I drove to school every day.
Robierto: Where do you go to school Joe?
Joe:  The University of Utah.

Friends, sometimes I fear that Joe is “touched”.


Kim said…
I sympathize with poor Joe. I've worked at the U for 6 years and have no idea where this is.

On a mountain, you say?
Melody-Linda said…
Oh, this is, perhaps, one of my most favorite posts ever. Amazazing!!

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