The Costco Sharpie Worker

Have you ever gone to Costco and wondered what the reasoning behind that person with the Sharpie that strikes a line through your receipt as you exit is?

 I guess it’s to stop shoplifting. But if I am honest with myself, and I would like to think that I am, how in the world does one shoplift at Costco? Everything is like the size of a grand piano. I mean, I guess if you had a huge hoop skirt or trench coat you might be able to hide a pallet of muffins or a hamper of Alaskan crab legs close to your person. But the likelihood of that happening isn’t that high…unless you where in some kind of high school choir, then you probably have a dress that you could hide some pretty amazing things under.

I think the Sharpie Costco worker might be wasting my time and theirs. That sweet Costco worker might be better served working in the kitchen where they can serve me a “slice” or a delicious hot dog and a drink.


Sara White said…
But don't you love it when the Sharpie worker puts a smily face on your receipt? It sure make my day! THAT, my friend, is what the Costco sharpie worker is all about.
Carrot Jello said…
I must say that last week was the first time I've ever received a smiley face on my receipt.
Which left me wondering why I've never received one before.
Was I too grumpy?
Were my items not boxed neatly? Did I cut someone in line while I was trying to get out of that miserable place?
And speaking of why...
Why do you to shop at Costco?
Does one person really need all that toilet paper?
Heidi said…
I have both a hoopskirt AND my high school choir dress with the big sleeves...But I confess nothing. Pay no attention to the pallet of muffins over there.
A few months ago I was listening to the radio and one of the dj's said he used to work at Sam's club. He said that one time a lady (who happened to be really large) tried to steal a dvd player by putting it up her skirt and sticking it between her legs and walked out of the store. The only reason she got caught was because the cord fell down. Awkward.

And speaking of shop lifting - there were sisters who were caught shop lifting at tjmaxx. They were also pretty heavy and stole things by putting them between their fat rolls. When they got caught, they found boots, shoes, clothes. Can you imagine lifting up your stomach roll and finding a boot? But apparently it's a great hiding spot.
Nathan said…
Every time I go through the queue to get my own sharpie mark, I have to wonder how on earth they can so quickly catalog everything in my cart and match it to my receipt.

They must be geniuses.

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