The Lazy Eye

Have you ever talked to someone with a Lazy Eye?

I mean, bless their hearts for carrying the burden of that because that has got to be rough. And just FYI, my intent today is not to make fun of these wonderfully courageous people who go about their daily lives with the challenge of having an eye that fades ever so slightly to the left… or to the right. But rather, my intent is to come up with some protocol so that when I address these brave people I can make them feel more at ease.

This has been on my mind because this week I had an occasion to talk to a gentleman with the lazy eye malady. I was trying to look him in straight in the eye, but then I noticed that his other eye was looking somewhere else. So then I thought, “That must be his good eye”, so then I switched my focus.

 But through the course of our conversation I kept second guessing myself as to which eye was his “good eye”. So then my eyes started darting back and forth because I wasn’t sure which eye I was supposed to be looking at and I just wanted to cover all my bases.

What do you do in that situation? Do you just look at another appendage like their ear or nose? And what is the secret to figuring out which eye is the “good eye”?

If you know the answer to this conundrum I would greatly appreciate some input.


Ronnie said…
being one of these blessed souls myself I would recommend either looking at their nose or watch for the eye that focuses on you when they start speaking to you. and if they don't look you in the eye when they first start saying something they aren't going to notice you are looking at the wrong eye.

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