The Lavatory Leg Rest

Has this ever happened to you as you walk into a bathroom?
You sit down on the toilet and think to yourself, “This toilet is wonderfully comfortable, but what about my feets? I have walked from the couch to the bathroom and my feet are in need of a well needed rest!

Well friends wait no longer, for today I would like to introduce you to “Lavatory Leg Rest”.

That’s right friends; No longer do your feet need to be in pain unnecessarily while your bottom is sweetly cooled by the porcelain of your toilet. Your feet can now get in on the sweet relaxation, that is the whole body, (well at least your lower extremity) bathroom experience.  

Everyone is getting one today. You’re getting one. You’re getting one, and you’re getting one. (Pause. Wait for people to scream raucously. OK)

That’s right friends, everyone is getting a “Lavatory Leg Rest”…or you can just stop by my mom’s house and take the one she has in her guest bathroom. 

Seriously, It’s my favorite part of visiting my parents.


Marilyn Abney said…
It is for retired people only!!!

Or, for the little grandchildren who come and can't reach the sink. Or for moms who need to sit and read a book to their child while they wait for that little one to do his/her "doooty".

Just needed to clarify.

BUT, then, of course, anyone is welcome to drop by and use it for what ever reason. It has multiple uses as you can tell.

Happy we can make everyone feel comfy when they come for a visit!!!
Carrot Jello said…
WAIT! Are you going to pay the taxes on this??
Jana B. said…
I'm totally coming over Aunt Mare.

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