Ode to Michael

Oh, Michael I hardly knew ye.

I have to send out my regards to the man, the king of pop, Mr. Michael Jackson.

On my drive into work today every channel was playing his music and I forgot how many great songs he produced.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit the man put out some stellar tunes.

When Mike made a new video it wasn’t that you just saw it in passing, it was an event that you stopped everything for and watched and sometimes re-enacted in the privacy of your bedroom. (Don’t act like you didn’t. You all grabbed yourself and let out a crazy “ooooh”. There is no shame in it, just embrace it.)

I still remember where I was the first time I saw Thriller, Billy Jean, Bad, Smooth Criminal and Do You Remember the Time. You just don’t forget great music moments like that.

We all knew he was a freak but what an entertainer. I always said if MJ ever came to Utah, I would pay whatever it cost to go see that performance.

Shine on you crazy diamond! May your pelvis always be thrusting, may your “ooohhhs” forever ring in our ears, and may you always remain a lover and not a fighter.

Moon walk on Michael, moon walk right on into heaven.


Erin said…
What a kind tribute to Miguel. I loved him. Sad he's gone.
Bart said…
I may be the only person on the planet who just never did follow this erie MJ. I know he sang, "Man in the Mirror," and "Thriller..." (I think so, right?) truly, I just never got into any of the rest of his golden musical nuggets. I'm sure I am alone here, but I'm told that no man is an island. I hope the world will survive without dear MJ.

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