The Versatility of the Slanket

I got my mom a Slanket for retirement and was again reminded what an amazing product this is.
The Slanket really is perfect for any occasion.

A quiet night in with your favorite book.

A night with your friends hanging out on your couch wearing crazy hats and wigs. Yes, I mean all your friends.
I have always said that nothing spells “fun”, more than friends, and I mean everyone of your friends, lumped on your couch in slankets doing...OK I am not sure what these crazies are fact their freaking me out. Avert you gaze!

One thing about the slanket that most people don’t know is that it also doubles as formal wear. Yes ladies it’s true. Cinch that slanket with a belt and instantly you are ready for a dinner with friends or dancing around town, the slanket can adjust to your changing social needs. Pick one up today!


Kimi D said…
um...we need to get you out more often.
Megs said…
You have no idea how much I want one. This post made me want it even more I don't know what says happy retirement better than a slanket!! Good choice.
Heidi said…
That couch picture looks like some of the parties I've been to...I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or happy.
Erin said…
Oh, you know how I love my Slanket. Truly, it is a gem. It got me through last winter, and will certainly get me through another. Oh, the joy; the absolute rapture!
I'm so glad Marilyn is enjoying one now. It is now time to have a Slanket party! I'm not even kidding, you know.
Anonymous said…
I love my Slanket! I am in the IN CROWD now. Warm and snuggly and come winter I will really love it. Thank you so much, Rob. You are making Slanket very proud of you. Shouldn't you be making a profit on your advertising? I'd check into that, if I were you. Thanks again for being so awesome! Love, M.
Victoria Jane said…
It is truly a beautiful thing to have a slanket. I have yet to own one. I don't feel worthy of it yet, but some day... *sigh*... some day.

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