I Got the Sweats

In the summer do you ever lie in bed cradled in a puddle of you own sweat hoping to fall asleep? You have every fan in your house going, windows open to capacity, a bag of ice on your head and yet sleep somehow eludes you?

I love the coolness of the air conditioner but I am so cheap that I don’t turn it on until I am almost to the point of absolute dehydration. How did the pioneers do it? There must have been a lot of skinny dipping going on in the blackness of night.

I am the same way in my car. I think it is because I feel like somehow I am stronger than everyone else around me. It’s like I have something to prove to myself and others by sweating through every layer of clothing I have on. Is that really showing how tough I am or how little I care about body odor in and around other people? I think people are starting to feel the latter is true.

I think my neighbors must wonder what happens to me from the time I leave work to when I arrive home. I get out of my car dripping with sweat and have to wave my hand in front of me, like a blind person, to find my way to my door because the gel from my hair melts into my eye lashes, then my eyes seal shut. It’s like I have pink eye all over again. It’s hard.

I think from now on I am going to be gentler with myself. I am going to turn my air on for a few minutes each day to reward myself for how great and strong I am.

Because, like my friends at L’Oreal say…I’m worth it.


I'm glad you don't live in Vegas, friend. Now you go and turn on that air!!!!!
j said…
Crank it up! There's nothing I hate worse than trying to sleep when it's too hot. Some years ago I decided that I would always be willing to pay whatever it takes for some sleepy time A/C.
Anonymous said…
Rob, I love your stamina. M.

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