The Bathroom Noise

Do you ever go to someone’s house for a visit or party and feel the need to freshen up?

And once you close the door to their bathroom, which is located right next to their living room by the way, you become acutely aware of the inadequate sound barrier within their bathroom chamber.

You begin to worry about what the guests outside might hear as you are in the bathroom. And to compound your problems you may have had some bad Indian food for lunch.

And all of a sudden you become supremely self conscious of every sound you make in the bathroom. Even to the point where you start sweating and doing irrational things like running the tap water as you do your business, or stuffing toilet paper underneath the door to create a more effective sound barrier.

This thinking is completely irrational because we all make noise in there. Am I right? So why all this sensitivity?

I bring this up because yesterday I had this experience and I think at one point I was trying to “shush” the toilet as I flushed.

I am I insane? I am not ruling it out at this point. However, I don’t think I am the only one who feels this way. Am I right friends?


EVERYONE feels this way. Sometimes I cough loudly to cover up noises. Especially in public restrooms with multiple stalls. How silly is it that we would feel embarassed for doing something that the entire room is built for?!
Jana B. said…
oh my goodness - i am SO conscious of this! i hate when bathrooms are super close to where the party is going on because you might as well be announcing to everyone - i'm going now! have a listen!
Carrot Jello said…
Dude. Turn on the sink.

Hey, my word verification is "recess"
Daina Bitters said…
Remember Dave Warden? He told me that he sometimes peed in the tub at friends houses so that it wouldn't make noise!
My mom would always flush the toilet before going about her business to cover the noise.
I also learned that the Romans would have a little orchestra outside the outhouse to disguise those sounds.
Sue Sparks said…
I linked to your blog from Molly's and I am so glad! I was having a BAD day, and you are hysterical, which is making me feel better:)

THIS very thing happened to me last week and I was bummed that there was no fan "white noise" in the bathroom, so stuffed a towel under the door and turned on the faucet:)

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