The Nog

Friends it’s Egg Nog time!

It’s officially November and as such it is now open season to buy and drink Egg Nog.

I must confess I already started drinking it in October. I am not proud of it but the rich deliciousness helped me get through a very difficult time. Sure I am ten pounds heavier, but as my friend Sheryl Crow has said, “if it makes you happy it can’t be that bad.” Words to live by Sher-bear, words to live by.

Now, I have recently heard some very negative things concerning the goodness of Egg Nog. This is troubling to me because what is more American than Egg Nog? I am, I am,..I am.

First off, some people complain that Egg Nog is too fattening. Too fattening? Woman please!

I think the problem is that people are thinking they can drink Egg Nog like they would drink a Big Gulp. Oh sweet naïve friends, no, that is not how we drink our Egg Nog. You have to drink it in small portions. I would recommend purchasing a shot glass from your favorite bar or tourist attraction to help in your portion control. Trust me, you won’t feel so heavy after you drink it. Unless you are like me and do like 14 shots within an hour.

Secondly, don’t dilute you Egg Nog with milk friends. Are you kidding me? Come on, “man up”, drink the hard stuff, it will put hair on your chest. To really enjoy a full flavored Egg Nog you have to drink the full creamy version that comes straight out of the carton. To dilute Egg Nog is like taking a Renoit painting, throwing water on it, smearing the colors together and saying that it looks just as good as the original. And let’s be honest, we both know that is a lie.

Lastly, don’t just guzzle it down. You must sip it. Sip it and let the rich creamy flavor penetrate each taste bud, and be prepared to experience a feeling of peace and a feeling that the world is slowing down (Hopefully this is a result of the Egg Nog, and not because the rich cream is slowing your heart down to an unhealthy level. If so go back and check your portion control.)

I hope this has been helpful. For those of you who have resisted drinking Egg Nog, I hope this will be the year that you embrace it with all your other holiday traditions. Tis’ the season to be Noggy.

For those who already love Egg Nog. I am getting a keg full of Egg Nog for New Years this year. We are going to drink Meadow Gold Egg Nog until our hearts stop or we are too sick to move. Either way it is a win-win.


i hate to share this little secret with you, but i'm not a nog fan. however, it's probably a good thing. i have a hard time eating things in moderation when i like them. i also dont' like cheesecake. and let's be honest - if i look like this and dont eat cheesecake and drink egg nog - imagine what i would look like if i did! however, i do like the idea of the shot glass. from now on, that will be my glass of choice.
Anonymous said…
Rob, you would love the tea cups they have in Turkey. It would be perfect for your nog. Must bring you some when I come home. Better yet, you need to come and get some. Love, M.
Carrot Jello said…
Don't dilute your eggnog?
Why, that's like asking us to drink nutmeg flavored Vaseline.
You aren't really asking us to do that, are you?
Erin said…
Haha! I agree... it is time to bring out the ol' nog. I am personally a fan of the Silk Soy Nog. Truly, it is a blessing in my life. I treasure it. I cherish it.
Thanks for reminding me that I have run out of my nog and need to run by the store for more.

Much love from a fellow Nogger...
Miss Molly said…
I have never in all my 31 flavors, I mean years, heard of diluting Egg Nog. Didn't even know it was allowed, thought of, or followed through with.

Now here's a treat...HOMEMADE egg nog. I dare you.
Jack in the Box has the Egg Nog Shakes back again. BEST...THING...EVER!!!!!
The Pearhead... said…
AAAH! i love eggnog. . . its the ultimate drink! everything you have said above is proven correct:) i wish you luck in convincing the rest of the human population otherwise because seriously. i have TRIED!!! ha ha i always drink slowly because i feel if you drink too fast you are definitely missing out on it:) i am going to use you as a reference thank you for that wonderful expose` on one of the best creations!:)

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