The Christmas Minimalist

When it comes to Christmas I have always been a minimalist.
I don't put up a tree, I don't hang up lights, and I hate shopping.
But I must confess that I love Christmas and the feeling of it.

I love watching old out dated Christmas cartoons on TV. My favorite is "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". I love the message of it, that Christmas doesn't come from a store, perhaps thought the Grinch, perhaps Christmas means a little bit more. So true.

In church on Sunday we had our Christmas program, and mid-Silent Night I was so touched with the words "All is calm all is bright" that I started "ugly crying" in front of the whole congregation. But I didn't feel too bad because my fellow bass started "gasping crying" so I was in good company.

It seems that our neighborhood has had more than it's fair share of troubles this year, but the message of Silent Night, that because of our Savior and his atonement, that really all can be calm and the future can be very bright.

Good friends, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope this upcoming year may be calm and bright!

My blog has brought me such joy in this last year. It has helped me to find humor when I haven't been feeling all that great, and has made me laugh, seriously laugh...OK...on the floor laughing when life has gotten too serious.

I thank you for your hilarious comments and your related experiences that have made me laugh even harder.



Erin said…
Dear Robierto, you are loved. Yep, Erincita loves you.
Thank you for saying that you were 'ugly crying'. This sweet image engraven in my mind is more of a x-mas present than I could possibly receive this year! Bless you, and God bless us everyone!
thank you rob. you have made me laugh a lot this year. here's to a very funny 2010. merry christmas. weed be jammin.
Heidi said…
I cry right about then, too. Almost every single time. Bless you.
Roberto, there's no shame in ugly crying. It's the weeping and rocking that takes it to a whole other level!! Thanks for providing us (and all those stalking your blog) many pleasant memories over the year!! Love your guts!! Megann
Carrot Jello said…
Great, now *I'm* ugly crying.
You are welcome.
For everything, I mean.
Merry Christmas.
heidi said…
Rob, Thanks for manning up to a few tender feelings when it comes to things that really DO matter. Yeah, Christmas songs and old movies will get you EVERY time. Do you ever watch "It's a Wonderful Life"? I cry through the whole final scene every time as George Bailey finally realizes that his has been a wonderful life. So, I'm on board with you. Thanks for giving me some great laughs this year. Your blog is really entertaining! May 2010 be even more laughable!

Aunt Heidi
Marilyn Abney said…
To Robierto and his followers, thank you for your ever so clever comments.

Rob, thank you for making your ole' Mom and Dad find laughter when perhaps it was hard to laugh at the moment and then to end up laughing so hard we were crying...yes, ugly you know where you got it. Happy New Years, Rob, and please...keep us in stitches with life's little...pleasures and awkward moments. Best to you in 2010!!!

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