The Year End

Here are some cool things that I learned in 2009:

  • Doing an Olympic Triathlon without training is not as fun as you might imagine. Doing a 5K dressed as Santa is…priceless.
  • Reading “Percy Jackson” “The Hunger Games” and “The Road” have brought back my love for reading. I find young adult fiction is just about my speed now days.
  • I found that performing in “Savior of the World” as the angel Gabriel at the Conference Center is the best way to spend the holidays.
  • Taking voice lessons by a qualified teacher instead of trying to learn from Lady Gaga music videos makes a huge difference.
  • Buying my clothes at Wal-mart instead of Eddie Bauer has taken some getting used to but I have found the difference is negligible. Exploited children in China make a pretty good shirt and pant combo.
  • Movies like “Up” “Star Trek” and “The Proposal” make me happy to pay $8.00 for a movie ticket. Movies like “Transformers 2”, “GI Joe”, and “Wolverine”…not so much.
  • I found that living alone can be…ya know…lonely. But I have been grateful for new friends made, and old friendships rekindled.
  • To see my parents leave on a mission to Turkey for two years made me realize that, yes, I am a momma’s boy.
  • I have a real fear of commitment. I can’t even join a gym because they require at least a year membership.
  • I learned to cook some good meals this year: Black Bean Soup, Chicken Tika Massala, and…please hold your applause to the end…Chicken Enchilada Casserole. I alternate between these three dishes every week. I clean them out faster than a fat mans eating hand.

May 2010 bring some new challenges, some new recipes, new friends, and at least two dates.

Friends, have a fantastic New Year!



Carrot Jello said…
"Doing an Olympic Triathlon without training is not as fun as you might imagine."
Dang. I was hoping that would be a way of bringing more fun into my life. You know, by sweating, and aching all over and stuff.

As for the lonely part, it made me think of Mr. Krugers Christmas, and then I teared up.
All you have to do is show people that clip I found, and you'll have more friends, and fans than you'll know what to do with!

Happy New Year :)
Carrot Jello said…
Hey, maybe you could do a tutorial on how to make them purty flowers.
Carrot Jello said…
Sorry, about the comment above. I was channeling Doris Day from "Calamity Jane".
Megs said…
can I have the recipe for the tika Massala. Seriously, it would be much appreciated. Sonds like 2009 was a good year with good lessons learned. I have to admit I loved Star Trek. Didn't think I would but I got really sucked in. Here's to 2010!!
Bart said…
"The Proposal"??? Really? Thumbs at 3:00 or 3:30 for me. "Up" and "Star Trek" though - I am RIGHT THERE WITH YA.

Happy 2010 to ya my friend.

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