The Osmond Family Christmas

Do you ever forget how much you like a certain album? And then one day you are looking through your CD’s and you rediscover it and you listen to it over and over again?

Would you like to know what Christmas Album I recently pulled out and have quite enjoyed for the last two days? The Osmond Family Christmas.

Friends if you don’t own this album you need to find it today, because it will change your life. Seriously why are you still reading this and not running to your car to track it down?

My parents raised us on the classics, mainly, The Sound of Music, Hank Williams, Frankie Lane, Anne Murray, and Barbra Streisand. I think those really where the only albums we owned and I think we melted them from overuse.

But when Christmas rolled around it was the Osmond Family that kept us going through the holiday season. Now traditionally I am not a huge fan of the Osmonds, but man, they put out a kickin’ Christmas album. And all of them are on there, from Donny and Marie to good little Jimmy.

So at this holiday season when you are debating about which Christmas album to purchase, whither it be the Christmas Shoes CD or the Osmond Family Christmas Album, I hope the will be, Osmond, again, and again.

Friends, go Osmond or go home!


Anonymous said…
I'm with you on that one, Rob! It smells of Christmas and many, many memories....Hey, did you want me to cry today? Thanks anyway! Mom
Cyndee O said…
Cam and I were just talking about this... it must be some crazy Orem thing. LOL
Team Covey said…
Blog surfing brought me to you and I have been chuckling non-stop and thanking my lucky stars. Good to hear from you, cruise buddy. You NEED to print your blog into a book and make millions off your astute observations on life. Enjoy the egg nog season (although your penchant for nog is contradictory to your hatred for boiled - not pointing any fingers, just pointing it out. I am opposite - hate the nog, love the hard boiled)
Carrot Jello said…
I can only assure you that I won't be buying the Christmas shoes album.
Whether or not I can find the Osmond album is something I cannot assure you of.
I might just have to settle for memories of singing "Morning Side Of the Mountain" with my sister in front of our fireplace/stage.
Wish you could have been there.
I bet we could have brought a tear to your eye.
Miss Molly said…
just read "the hymnal shake". i think we could turn it into a dance craze. easy to do while driving, working, or on the go.

your blog makes me laugh in my gut.
Bart said…
My favorite track: the Caroling Medley. I love it with all of my heart and soul. That is all.
Megs said…
Thanks for Go Osmond or Go home. I love that you try to play off the fact that you don't usually love the Osmonds. Come on, I am pretty sure if I checked your dvr I would find at least one episode of Donny shaking it on the Dancing with the Stars. Just kidding.

Thanks for the recommendation on the holiday fun. Might have to check that out.
Troy S said…
I'm WAY late to the party, I know, but your blog was suggested to me and I have been reading for an hour, thoroughly entertained. It's funny you mention Anne Murray cuz your family turned me on to her (and 30+ years later I'm still a fan!)

Yep, your next post (about the eggs) about floored me when I realize we grew up in the same Heber neighborhood! Wouldn't have known it if you hadn't used your full name in the egg post... and the AM reference in this post had actually reminded me of you all. Imagine the surprise when I read 'Rob Abney' in the very next post! A small world made smaller by technology, I guess.

Anyway, this blog is a riot! I've been laughing HARD.. and after the year I've had, I need it! Thank you! What a sorely needed blessing it has been!

I will visit often! You are a genius with the written word, man! It's awesome to detect smem of the same Robbie I knew as a kid coming thru in your writing all these years later. You've got a real talent, in both the writing and the humor! Keep on bloggin!

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