Monday, October 25, 2010

The Dicky

Is it possible that “Dickys” aren’t as popular as I think they are?

My co-worker came into my office today and said, “You look nice in your turtleneck/Halloween sweater combination."

Whereupon I told her, “First of all, stop hitting on me. And secondly, it is still too warm to wear both a turtle neck and sweater. So I am wearing a “Dicky” in lieu of a turtleneck.

To which she asked, “What is a “Dicky?

And I was all, like, “Really? Only the greatest invention of our time!

So for those who have been living under a rock the past, oh I don’t know, like 20 years. A “Dicky” or, “Dickay” as they say it in France, is a shirt with no sleeves or a body, just a collar, or a neck…if we are talking along the lines of turtle necks.

All you ladies who are looking for a great gift for you husband, lover, or significant other…the “Dicky” is the answer for you!

They are cheap, look good in summer or winter. And because they come in a wide variety of colors they make a lovely addition to that tank top or festive Christmas sweater.

So, buy your man a “Dicky” today and he won’t let you forget it the rest of the year.


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

my man already has a dicky.

sorry. you know someone was going to say it! but everyone was thinking it!

Megs said...

I can't believe Paige said that!! I also can't believe people wouldn't know what a dicky is. Hello, have they not seen the best movie scene ever from Christmas Vacation. Thanks for a great holiday gift idea.

Trisha said...

Well when you ARE wearing your dicky, dickie or dickay, I have some etiquette advice for appreciated by visiting this post on my blog so you get the visual:

@Megs...this photo is also a reference to the Christmas Vacation outfit you mentioned :D

Enjoy :D


Greg said...

paige, for shame. hahaha

megan, i knew what a dicky was, but i didn't even consider it for holiday wear. i always wear mine to the beach. the only thing better than my speedo tan, is my speedo/dicky tan.

Carol said...

Was it you who called that tuft of hair peaking out of any man's shirt a "hair dicky"? ha. And honestly, i kind of wish these would come back -- getting the layered look without the heat and sweat sounds good to me. Thanks for making me smile.