The Respect Star Wars Deserves

Is nothing sacred?

I just saw an ad for the new the Star Wars Angry Birds, being launched in November, and I have to say unto the creators, "Woman Please!"

As a youngster I reverenced Star Wars. It was as important as the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Many a parallel was drawn from my life to Star Wars, and the lessons I learned in the Star Wars universe shaped me into the amazing person that I am today.

And now we are making mock of something that I consider sacred. George Lucas when is enough, enough? Stop selling your birthright for a mess of pottage, already.

Am I the only one who feels that Star Wars needs to treated with a little bit more respect and not be cheapened with each passing year?

I mean haven’t we suffered enough watching those terrible prequels and that Star Wars Christmas Special? (P.S. if you haven't seen this Christmas Special, it is a must see train wreck.  To see our fearless heroes lessened to a holiday special where Princess Leia, it's pretty bad. You can almost hear Harrisn Ford whisper through the wails of the Wookies, "I can't wait until I make Indiana Jones."
You might feel fear and anger during your viewing, those feelings are normal and are letting you know this Christmas Special was produced by the dark side.

Do we need to watch this franchise become an angry birds game? Do we? Honestly?

What’s next? An animated comedy that pocks fun at Star Wars? Heaven forbid!


Heidi said…
Funny story: my brother-in-law works for Industrial Light & Magic (Lucas's company) and a few years ago, when he and my sister went to the big, invitation-only, bouncer-at-the-door Halloween party, they were given strict instructions to not approach Mr. Lucas should they see him.

I think that explains a lot about sweet Mr. Lucas...
Sara White said…
Have you seen the Lego Star Wars show on Cartoon Network? It is quite funny.
Kris said…
That was so disturbing. Where do you find these things. A very wookie Christmas. Oh my!
Melinda DeBirk said…
Wha...?? What the heck was that Christmas special!?! Why did they try to make Leia's song go with the theme music?? Why did Leia look like she was absolutely in love with Chewy? And were they trying to make that baby Wookie look terrifying? This... I don't know... I think the person who gave this the green light hated Star Wars. That's the only explanation. SO disturbing and strange.

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