So last night I tried out for a play. Even though I had practiced my song for hours and weeks and felt I was as prepared as I could have been I was so stinkin' nervous. I met someone else who was as nervous as I was so it was kind of nice to have someone there to talk out mine fears with.
They took us into a small room and had us all sing our songs. I actually felt really good about my singing and they were very complimentary as well, so that was a relief.
They then asked a few of us to go and do some scenes together. This part, always seems so weird to me. You are up there with people you don't even know and then all of a sudden you are supposed to do an entire scene together. But for the first time I felt calm and I did OK.
The whole experience was so great. Sometimes, I have learned, that you have to over come your fears. There is so much triumph after you are done. For me my tendency is to play things too safe but every now and again I do something hard that I think is going to make me fall down on the floor and bawl. However, I am so surprised at how capable I am to face the challenge and not that I can just get through it but I can do it well. Sometimes I feel like I limit myself by being too afraid to try. Last night was a good reminder of the triumph of overcoming self and coming out victorious.


LuvMnky said…
Congrats, Roberto!! I'm so proud of you! I'm sure you did a fabulous job! What play was it? If you make it, you have to let me know so I can come see you perform. I've always wanted to try out for a play too, but I've always been to scared. Thanks for being so inspirational. I miss you!
Herrick said…
Keep it up. You are so talented. I audition about 200 times a year, it gets easier, but I rarely feel great about what i put out there. The main thing is just getting out there.
How are you, by the way. I miss you. Wish I could have seen you last Christmas when I was in the state.

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