I Wept For Them

Friends, I went to dinner with my family and as soon as I walked through the door there was a group of waiters doing a line dance in front of our table. So we all had to wait for them to do the "grapevine" down the row so we could get to our table. It was like the people version of "Frogger". You would take two steps, and then the waiters would come dancing back, so you would have to take two steps to the side and then one giant step forward, and then finally we had to dive into our booth before they came down the isle again doing the "Cotton-eyed joe".

We finally got seated and I noticed one waiter who wasn't lovin' the line dance. I think he must have been new because he didn't know all the steps and he hung his head down because you know he felt a little stupid. I am sure he was thinking, "I wish I would have known I had to do a line dance as part of this job before I was hired. I just wanted to pay my way through college and now look at me dancing myself insane." Ah, bless him.

It has really got me thinking about all the times I have been to a restaurant and have felt so embarrassed for the employees when they have to dance or sing to the guests. I weep inside for them. Who are these employers that are making their employees do this? It makes everyone feel uncomfortable so why do it? If I wanted a song and a dance I would go see a musical or laugh at people at the local dance club. When I go out to eat I just want a meal and some quiet conversation not some idiot kickin' up a hoedown and screaming in my ear. Is that so wrong?

Am I the only one who feels this way? I don' think that I am. I am starting a campaign, every time I go to a restaurant where I see waiters singing or dancing, I am going to put a comment in their comment box. My comment will be this, it will simply says, "I weep for your help. Please stop torturing them by making them succumb to this mindless dancing and singing. I wish I could hold and rock each one and make them feel whole again. Please for their sake and mine, as Susan Powter said back the 80's, Stop this Insanity."

Let's do it friends. We can make restaurants a better place for ourselves and those good waiters. Stop unwanted dancing and singing. Together we can make a better dining experience for all men.


LuvMnky said…
I'm with you 100%, Rob!! I couldn't agree more! I say we make up our own comment cards and pre-print them and just have a stash to take with us when we go out to eat. We'll become the patron saints of restaurante employees everywhere! :)
Fran said…
Yeah, one time I waited tables and HATED doing the birthday nonsense. HATED IT. So I mostly didn't. And now, now that I'm an adult, I'd much rather just get my free cheesecake and skip the birthday singing. I dislike being sung at. I truly do. I will take a stack of pre-printed comment cards and put them in my purse just for times like that.
Erin said…
Rob, I say you just hold 'em, rock 'em, and make them feel whole again. I think that's what's missing in the world. They wouldn't be embarrassing themselves in the first place if they hadn't been held and rocked as wee teenagers. Am I right, or am I right?!

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