I love fall. Not late fall but early fall where the air is so crisp in the morning and the temperature is so mild that you really want to be outside and read or go for a bike ride. You can almost feel the whole city relax. I see that people aren't just beaten down by the heat and actually have a spring in their step.

It doesn't matter how old I get, when fall is here I always get a feeling like I should be going back to school. I get a dread feeling in my stomach when I see "back to school" sales or smell school supplies, isn't that weird? I love a line from You've Got Mail, Tom Hanks character says, " I love fall don't you? It makes me want to go buy school supplies. If I knew where you lived I would send you a bouquet a freshly sharpened pencils". That line seems to embody how I feel right now. If any one needs a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils let me know. I would be happy to oblige.


Erin said…
Yep, I'd like a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. Thanks, and bless you.
LuvMnky said…
I love fall too. And I hadn't really realized it before, but you were totally right when you said you can almost feel the city relax. I know I relax once it starts to get a little cooler. But unlike you, it kind of makes me miss going back to school...well, except for the school part. I just like all the new clothes and school supplies. :)

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