Keep My Holy Library HOLY

Remember how strict the library used to be?

I remember as a child being trained by the librarian that entering the library was like going to church. No gum, no talking, fold your arms and shut your mouth, no running, and if you check out a book you had better get it back on time or they would burn down your house and cut out your tongue.

Remember those good days. As long as you respected the library you could hang out there for hours looking at micro fiche and old outdated magazines. Good times!

I hate to tell you this but friends the library has gotten lax.

I went to the library yesterday and while I was looking up a book to check out the teenage couple next to me were talking, in full voice mind you, about how “Schmoopy” they thought each other was. Oh brother.

Then someone with the “Pineapple Rag” as their ring tone just let it go on and on and instead of turning it off, smiled and answered it, again in full voice. Good thing they got rid of those annoying ring tones, am I right?

And then a little kid in cowboy boots was just randomly screaming and running, running and screaming through every isle of library. Dude where is your mom?

And then to top it all off, I heard a bunch of women talking about “Dancing with the Stars” and how they thought that Tom Bergeron was such a charmer. Only to turn and find out that it was the librarians sitting in their information fortress of solitude in the middle just reading their People magazine and chatting away.

Enough is enough I thought.

Well five minutes later I was escorted out of the library.

Apparently you can’t walk around the library swatting out of control children, teenagers in love and chatty librarians with a yard stick (the yard stick of justice as I like to call it) like libraians of old. That's a shame.

Well some one has to do something. If we lose the library where else can we go for solitude? Where?


AmandaStretch said…
Hi Rob. Hopefully you remember me. Heidi just sent this post to me. You may not know I've grown up and have become a librarian. (One of those last two statements is true.) If you want peace and quiet, I suggest academic libraries. Some parts are loud and obnoxious, but others are devoted to keeping the child beaters at bay.

Public libraries, however? You're out of luck. At least we still have some standards.
Carrot Jello said…
What I'd like to know is, if you can't go around swatting people with yardsticks at the libary, where can you??

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