“a Wunerful, a Wunferful!”

Do you ever find yourself on Sunday afternoon flipping through the channels and you can’t seem to find anything on? And then out of no where you stubble upon a Lawerence Welk re-run. And immediately you change the channel because that is so beneath your sophisticated viewing palette and let’s be honest, some of the colors on those outfits hurt your eyes.

After another rotation of nothing on, some how you are drawn to “Lawerence and the gang” and watch a little bit longer and laugh at how corny it is and how they spontaneously break into random acts of tap dancing.

On your final sweep of channel surfing you again find yourself with Mr. Welk only this time you are fascinated about how super sweet a musical number is about a little old lady sitting alone in a restaurant and then at the musical numbers finale everyone rushes over to her and they all embrace followed by the little old lady doing a rousing tap solo on a table.

You find you are making comments to yourself aloud, about how the two ballroom dancers have no expression except a creepy gynormous smile even when they dance to the song “Love Affair” which is about someone dying after they fall in love. Why is that?

You find yourself marveling at how everyone has cheeky names like “Kiki” or “Sissy”. It begs the question, are all the people on the Lawrence Welk show former cocktail waitresses or strippers? And what’s the deal with those microphones? Where all the microphones back then the size of summer sausages or what?

And then you realize that you have watched an hours worth of Lawrence and you’re not sure how you feel about that. And then you justify watching an entire episode of Lawrence Welk as a fluke thing and it will never happen again.

And finally you admit after week five of watching Lawerence that apart of you actually enjoys the corniness of it all.

Time to get cable? Perhaps.


Anonymous said…
Sure love my Lawerence Welk reruns on Sundays at noon. I appreciate their wholesomeness and wish we were back in the days of cheekiness....those were the days!!! Raised you on them, you know! That show and Donny and Marie....Weren't they the best...for helping us move along in life with positive outlooks and pushing us forward to do things that were hard and we WON!!! Love, M.
Mine was the year spent living at grandma's watching the "Big Joe Polka Show" on Saturday nights. It's like I couldn't tear myself away! Such memories!

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