The Circle of Life

Remember that time when you were driving into work and the Disney classic “The Circle of Life” comes on? And from “Na si when ya, mama beach ama ba. Sica boom yema why” (this is purely phonetic spelling of course) something different comes over you, a special something that you never have experienced before. And all of a sudden, mid-freeway commute, you just start sobbing because even though they are speaking in some African language with clicks, and grunts you understand what they are singing about and it touches your soul in a deep and profound way.

But suddenly, mid-cry, you realize that you need to stop feeling this way because with tears in your eyes it magnifies everything and so your following distance becomes impaired, and little Geo Prizms start to look like semi-tracker trailers.

Has this every happened to you? It was so strange and caught me completely off guard. It must mean something but I am not sure what to make of it. Do I need to go to Africa and hold a baby lion to the sun? Or perhaps feel connected to the world around me by doing a better job at recycling and taking the bus to work?

More than likely it is an underlying desire to feel a part of something bigger than just me. It’s hard to form a “circle of life” with just you. Try it, it doesn’t work.


Rebecca Banner said…
I am pretty sure you are supposed to go to Vegas to see the broadway show of Lion King. And of course...take a few friends (me included).

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