The Lack of Cable

So last week I was sick. It was hard, but I pulled through.

But one of the great things of being sick is just lying down on the couch and watching some good day time TV. Am I right?

With that in mind, I refuse to buy cable because it is trash and full of naked people, well that, and I can’t afford it. So my TV watching consists mostly of whatever my antenna can pick up

I have made a list of the Highlights and Lowlights of my day time TV watching:


The Cosby Show: Friends I never tire of this little jem. I am always surprised how this show still holds up after all these years. I caught the episode where Rudy’s goldfish died. Hilarity ensued.

The Bonnie Hunt Show: I didn’t know she had her own show. But you Bonnie, you sweet sister are a delight!

The Wendy Williams Show: I don’t know who this chic is but she was dang funny. Check it.

Ellen: Bless this woman. Her show is the best. I never am home to partake of it’s goodness but she has it goin’on.


Court shows: What in the...what? Do we need to have 50 court shows on during the day? I think not.

Maury: Does Maury have to have paternity testing as the topic of every one of his shows with family members sleeping with each others husbands? Forgive me but it is too much.

Soap Operas: Seriously? I really miss that weird soap opera called “Passions” with those witches and that little person named Timmy. It was so bizarre, but provided a lot of great laughs.

Oh friends,(sigh) I miss cable.


love the cosby show. classic comedy. cable around here is a necessity. sad i know. i need my saved by the bell reruns! it's an expense i know we could go without and would save a lot of money, but my kids don't need to eat 3 meals a day, do they? we all need to make sacrifices somewhere!!

hope you are feeling better.
Ronnie said…
I totally feel for you and the loss of passions. It was a good one.

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