The Recreational Wedding

So here’s something so random that happened to me last night.

I was doing my hour on the stationary bike at the Daybreak Recreation Center last night (Let’s never do that again. Friends, when you ride a bike let it never be stationary. I am not sure I will be able to have children after that uncomfortable seat experience.) when to my left I saw what appeared to be a women dressed in full-on wedding gear. The dress, the veil, the little flower girl in front of her, yep it was all there.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but sure enough when I heard the wedding march music it was confirmed. This sweet sister was getting married at the Daybreak Recreation Center.

I thought surely she wasn’t getting married in the room right next to the spinning and kenpo karate class where her wedding ceremony would only be separated by a sliding plastic partition.

I don’t know about you, but during my wedding ceremony I would not want to hear from the adjoining rooms, “COME ON PEOPLE GET YOUR BUTTS OFF THE SEATS. PUSH IT” or “SWEEP HIS LEGS JOHNNY, SWEEP HIS LEGS”.

I may be a bit old fashion but I don’t know if hearing those types of comments and having a whole row of people on star steppers witnessing your vows, can give you a lot of hope that your marriage is going to last past the Daybreak Recreation Center Soccer Season (Which is from August – October, Fun for all age groups, Games only on Saturday.)

I am just saying.


Tiffany said…
Why has no one commented on this disturbing bit of Daybreak news??? I knew there was something in the water (at least that's what I tell my friends that live there) but seriously....she couldn't even leave to get married???? I hope the apts offer a bit more flexibility!!

p.s. I also loved the subsequent post about blind dates!

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