Book Trailer Debut

So friends, I very reluctantly post this video, not to show you how great I am (although I am quit fantastic), but to confess something that I may regret in the future.

One of my readers found this on YouTube and so I feel a need to come clean with a confession of sorts.

When I moved to SL to start my acting career I was discovered at the Gap, where I would often go to look at the pima wool sweaters that I could never afford, but loved to try on.

Well one day, whast I was eating a Hotdog on a Stick and dreaming of owning my very own pima wool sweater, a young women approached me and said I had a face that could be very succesful in the world of book trailers.

That's right book trailers. It's like a move trailer, only with books.

I knew that book trailer studios system was not the most glamorous industry and had a reputation for being loose and tawdry. But I was naive and hungry, and most of all I really needed a pima wool sweater from the Gap. So I decided to do it.

Now the book trailer is out there folks. Floating in the underground world of avid female readers who love to read books about romance and basketball. The vido is now living, and breathing in the land of YouTube where is will never die. Do I wish it would die? Perhaps. I will wait to see how much I pull in from this low budget trailer.

I have no idea what this book is about, and I don't even know the author personally. But it is so intense that it scares me a little bit. Pay close attention to Richard (me) staring off into the distance and saying "I want to help you." and her response, "I have to do this alone."

Who is this girl Indiana Jones? It's hard to say.

So enjoy and let's never speak of this again.


Robert, I've never know anyone famous before!! I'm pretty sure that this is just the beginning of a long, successful career in books and, eventually, low budget movies. Hold on to that golden dream, friend. Hold on tight!
Karyn Mann said…
"I need you to commit to this relationship." One of the great movie lines of our generation.
thank you for making me day, my week, my year, my life. best thing i've seen in a long time! award winning for sure!

just promise me when you'll remember the little people!
Megs said…
AWESOME. And you thought nothing would come of your success with Skate Boardin'. Look where that took you. And who knows where you'll go from here.
Carrot Jello said…
Oops, sorry. I outed you.
Well, it was bound to happen one day. I just hurried it along.

Seriously, was I right? Is that really you?
Sara White said…
For real? This is for real? So was the sweater worth it?
Carrot Jello said…
Now I remember how I found it. A lady left a comment on my blog. I followed her to hers, saw the trailer, and thought, "Hey, that looks like that Robierto guy."
Erin said…
Holy moly, Robbie! You were spectacular! I especially enjoyed the line, "I love you. I need you to commit to this relationship". Wow, and wow.
just read meg's comment. skateboardin'. ahhh. good times. good times. i am the tramp. on the trampoline.
Stephanie Abney said…
That was fun, Rob!! I'm in a writer's group and they are HUGE on making book trailers. Most of them are pictures with a voice-over or even type-written blurbs on each scene. THIS was pretty intense!! Wow. Fun stuff! Take care, my famous nephew!!!
Aunt Stephanie

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