The You Tube tutorial

So I sometimes I go to singles dances and I never feel satisfied with my dancing skills. I blame most of my "singleness-hood" to my awkwardness on the dance floor.

It is not that I am without rhythm, because friends I can really swing it, it's just that my dancing consists of a lot of flailing of my arms and legs. And when I don't know what to do I revert back to the "the running man". You can never go wrong doing the "running man".

So I went to YouTube to see what kind of dancing instruction I could find, and luckily I found this little diddy.

I performed this at the last stake singles dance and it was powerful. Sure there were some slight concussions because of the low ceiling, and I did drop a few people, but I did get some "digits" after it was all said and done.


kjgray75 said…
Apparently there is no longer a "Book of Mormon between bodies" rule at Singles Dances?
Rob A. said…
Good Krystal-
Once you are over 30 they want the singles to be as close as possible. They even serve Dr. Pepper and have hot tubs going on all four corners of the gym.
Jana B. said…
hahaha! that dance is crazy! daring move bringing that out at the stake dance. i just hope you were able to incorporate the running man into that, because let's face it, that is the best dance move next to catching a flipping girl with one arm.
jan said…
If you find a way to throw in the "sprinkler" with those other dance moves, you'd be the star at our stake singles dances. If you really want to learn some moves, come and visit and I'll take you to the Fred Astaire Dance studio that is just two blocks away.
Carrot Jello said…
Wow, you must put a spell on the ladies, eh?

Hey, the guy in this, looks like you...

Not that I know what you look like, but I imagine, if you ever became an actor in a book trailer, you'd look like that.

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