The Light Up Letters

Remember when you used to watch Wheel of Fortune? And you saw how essential Vanna White’s job was, turning those cinder block sized letters wrapped in gold tinfoil. How were we to solve the puzzle if she wasn’t there to unveil the letters for us? She really had an important job.

However, if you have caught Wheel of Fortune lately you will notice that they have done away with the whole spinning tin foil blocks that Vanna had to turn in the past. They now have screens that just show the letters instantaneously. Vanna now touches the screen and the letters appear.

My question is this…do you think Vanna has any idea that her job is obsolete? I mean in this day and age, where technology pretty much does everything, I don’t know that we need Vanna as much as we needed her 20 years ago. Am I right?

And let’s be honest, Vanna is no spring chicken. All that walking back and forth, reaching up and down in high heels can’t be good for her circulation or back. Vanna you should be enjoying these golden years of your life and not being eye candy for senior citizens who are watching “Wheel” in primetime.

I mean, over at Jeopardy they have also switched over to the screens entirely and Alex Trebeck is doing just fine without the help of a “lovely assistant” sliding those planks back and forth to reveal the “answers”.

So Vanna it may be time to start taking some online classes and exploring other career options. I would recommend launching your own fragrance and calling it something like “The Smell of Fortune”.


Heidi said…
You know, she has a line of yarn and has published a few knitting books. I think she's been prepping to stab Pat in the foot with her knitting needles on the way out the door when she finally retires...

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