The Danger of Driving and Watching Videos

Remember that time was I driving home late one night and the SUV in front of me was showing “Monster Inc.”? A timely tale of the love between a young girl and sad monster who is searching for something more in his life that can only be filled by the laughter of a small girl named Boo.

I can’t talk about it without breaking up inside. Give me second…ok I’m back.

So there I am driving and enjoying the movie, of course I can’t hear the movie at all but I know it well enough to do the different voices, and laugh when the moment warrant.

So we finally we got to the end of the movie when Boo is looking for Sully in her closet and can’t find him and I’m bawling and can’t find a Kleenex. So I am searching for something to wipe my tears with, and all I could find was a receipt from Wal-Mart.

When suddenly, and without warning I saw a two bright red lights distracting me from my search of some two-ply anything. I don’t remember this part in the movie, I thought to myself.

Then I realize it was the brake lights of the SUV. I was rapidly approaching them at warp speed. So I slammed on my breaks and narrowly escaped ramming into the back of them.

It was kind of sad because all this commotion made me miss the end of the movie. It was hard.

Luckily I didn’t die. However it definitely was a wakeup call to me and hopefully to you as well.

I would like to bring to light a dangerous driving situation that is plaguing our road ways today, the danger of watching great movies in the vehicles in front of you. If you are like me, and I would like to think that you are, if there is a TV on anywhere, my eyes will find it and lock on to the signal. That is dangerous if you are driving. Am I right?

Friends if we are serious about safety on our roadways, and I would like to think that we are with the banning of texting and cell phone usage. How can we be blinded about inadvertent video watching and driving?

Something has to be done.


Carrot Jello said…
I am doing my part by not having one of those fancy d.v.d. players in my van.
Not by choice, but still, doing my part.
I specifically replaced my stereo with a touch screen one that lets you plan movies. There's nothing better than a 6 hour drive, with the sounds from your favorite movie in the background. The key is to put in a movie that you've seen plenty of times so you don't have to watch it - just listen to it. It's changed my life :)

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