The Big Dance

So guess what friends? Remember how I blogged about leading the music in Elder’s Quorum and how disastrous that was?

Well guess who was just was made the bishop of our ward? The Elders Quorum president.

And guess who he thinks can lead the music because I do it in priesthood weekly? Me.

But leading music in Priesthood is very different than leading music in sacrament meeting. Am I right?

Sacrament Meeting is the “Big Dance” of leading music. People actually look to you for direction. And the organist depends on you to keep the beat. The congregation expect you to know what you are doing, and let's be honest I really don't.

So I showed up to Sacrament Meeting to go over the hymns with the organist.

I immediately sat down next to her and, said, “Oh sweet sister, here is the poop, I don’t know how to lead music, and why they asked me to lead the music today is beyond my scope of understanding. So here is what we are going to do, I don’t want you to look at me for any type of direction or cut offs. You just keep you own time sister, and I will follow you. Thanks you’re the best!

But she replied, “No, I am going to following you. I trust in you.

Now I believe that you are blest whenever you do what is asked of you when it comes to church. And maybe today if I had faith, perhaps as I held that baton, in some miracle from up above my arm would find the beat and this could change lives and the organist and I would weep at how beautiful this experience could be for both of us.

I could do this. Is anything to hard for the Lord? And let’s be honest friends, I am pretty darn fantastic!

So I led the first two songs, and friends, I wasn’t solid but I felt like I was holding my own. I felt my confidence building with each verse. It was a miracle! And that’s when I realized the organist was making a face, an ugly face, and I had a strange feeling it had something to do with me.

During the sacrament she made her way off the organ bench, which in and of itself takes quite a bit of skill for a women in a dress, and she came and sat by me, took me by the hand and said, “Good brother, I don’t know what you are doing up there, but can I give you some pointers on how to lead music?

I tried not to cry, but I am afraid my lip started to quiver, just a little.

I guess the real miracle here is that they haven’t asked me back for a repeat performance.


Megan Woods said…
Funny, Rob. I had a roommate with no musical training or talent at all called as R.S. chorister once. I sat in the front row leading backwards with one little finger so she could mirror me. I think the chorister can always take comfort knowing that no one in the congregation looks up anyway. :)
Marilyn Abney said…
Rob, it is a team effort. You have someone in the audience leading and you follow them. Find someone quick and work on the mirroring so you aren't doing it backwards. It will work out fine. I have faith in your finding and then in your leading. Thanks, just thanks so much for being there and serving in the first place. You are awesome!
ShEiLa said…
There are TWO rules to life.

In GENERAL: you can go anywhere you want to go if you act with confidence... you can fool people into believing you were invited to any Presidential event... (maybe not now... since so many have tried and got caught)Confidence is HUGE.

In CHURCH: if you really don't like a calling... totally screw it up and they won't be calling you again. Either that... or learn to say NO. I have! Ü

Nathan said…
You made it to the big leagues!

I love that the organist tried to throw it back on you at the beginning.

Had it been me, when she tried to console me and hold my hand, I would have felt vindicated with the biggest "I told you so" of my life.
Heidi said…
I feel like this EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY I play the organ (which is every other Sunday lately), and I've been playing the organ in church for the better part of 10 years. Thanks for the laugh!
Carol said…
Okay Rob, you are too funny. I hope the organist was able to help. Our organist is mostly deaf, so I can see why accurate arm motions are particularly important. (: But if you ever get called on again, make sure to check out the leading instructions in the back of the hymnal. They really are quite good -- and if you ever get the 6/8 time again, do the 3/4 twice in one measure. It's much easier that way. You can do it! (:
Rachael said…
As a veteran organist, I'll let you in on our secret. If you play in Conference, you have play your best. If you play in church on Sunday, you have to play your best AND make the chorister look good at the same time.
If your organist is worth her salt, she will play the hymn appropriately. Mimic the attitude of the music, and you can get away with any beat pattern your little heart desires. Bon chance!

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