The Spring Thaw

I don’t know if you all know this but there is a special something that comes to Utah that blesses the lives of it's residents in March. It’s not an event that you can track on your calendar, but you just feel it in your soul when it comes. I like to call it the “Utah Thaw”, and it happened yesterday in our great state.

For, four months in the coldest months in Utah our souls hibernate. We aren’t very nice. We spend a lot of times indoors watching a lot of bad TV and eating a lot of hot chocolate and fatty foods, mostly French fries. We aren’t depressed but we just experience seasonal dreariness that is tiring to carry around.

But Oh friends, when the sun comes out and hits 50 degrees in Utah, people just come alive. Now, I know in other areas of the US, 50 degrees is not considered warm, but in Utah after four months of winter, 50 degrees is flip flops, shorts and tube top weather.

So yesterday, I was running in my tube top, and I felt so happy about the sun beating down on my ashy white skin. I then ran across the park that had just been aerorated,( which, let’s just be honest, even though you know those dirt plugs are not dog poop doesn’t your mind lead you to believe that you need to tread lightly nevertheless?) and smelled the fresh wet earth, I thought to myself, “Things are all right”. It completely changed my whole attitude. A little sun makes all the difference.

Spring is here friends! Get on that tube top and go for a run. Get your “thaw” on!


j said…
I took one of our dogs for a walk and didn't even wear a jacket!
Remember how in Vegas we only have 2 weeks where we need to wear a coat, and even then you can get away with just a scarf? I heart the winters here! Move south for the winter, friend, but go back for summer. Your Spring Thaw = our Summer melt.'s coming....
Carrot Jello said…
I did not need that visual.
Heidi said…
Mental note: Do not read Rob's blog while eating salad. Because then you have to clean off your screen.
Anonymous said…
Utah sounds just like Ontario, Canada...first sunshine-
'everybody's' out AND smiling :) BTW, Rob, LOVE your're hilarious- your tell it like it is style is almost always great LOL stuff and great grins at the least. I watch for a new post every day-and LOVE your honest appraisal of life :) Lily
Bart said…
Please say you're going to post a picture of you in your snazzy tube top.
Miss Molly said…
And was the "fill it in your soul" a Utah-on-purpose? Or did you mean "FEEL it in your soul?"

Just sayin'

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