The Great Photo Mystery

Do you ever see pictures of yourself from when you are in college? My friend emailed this picture yesterday asking for clarification as to what we were doing.

As I looked at it I can’t even think, 1-where the picture was taken, 2-who these people are in the picture, and 3- why I am standing over these people with kitchen utensils in my hands.

I didn’t do drugs or drink alcohol in college, so how is it I can’t remember anything about this event. And by the looks of this picture, this is such an amazing, fantastic, and disturbing event that I am positive I would have remembered it.

It begs the question why are all these people’s bums wet and why do they seem strangely proud about it?

And why is my bum not in the air with all these people, who I can only assume were my friends?

Did the kitchen utensils have some twisted part to play into why the people have wet bums?

And lastly, and more importantly, why is there a broom stuck in the window?

I wish I had more answers friends, but every time I look at this picture more questions arise.

I swear someone must have super imposed me into this picture because I am not one of those people who do things like this.

I guess we can just chalk it up as another great mystery of life. Much like the mystery as to why Charlie Sheen is still allowed on TV, when he can't act and really isn't very funny. I guess we may never know.


ShEiLa said…
most interesting...
and if you don't have the answers it may remain a mystery.

Nathan said…
Finally! I keep hearing say how they love Two and a Half Men, and I'm completely baffled by it.

I saw part of one episode back when it first came on, and all I could do is scratch my head wondering who on earth signed off on the sitcom.

And seven seasons? Seriously? Now, maybe it got better, but I refused to waste my time checking.
i don't care what the story is behind this picture. i love it!! such a classic.
kjgray75 said…
When we bbq this summer, we WILL re-enact "Oooga Booga." I don't think Brandon, Jen and Brian have been unwitting participants before. It will be grand! The memories will come flooding back - I promise!
Carrot Jello said…
I'm guessing that there was a broom intruder that you were fighting off with kitchen utensils, and everyone was so scared (except you, of course) that they wet their pants.
Why y'all took a picture of this event is a mystery.
Karyn Mann said…
Oh, the simple joys that being 19 and sober in a small town bring.
(of course, the broom is still a mystery).

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