The Rabid Deer

I went walking on the Jordan River Trail at lunch and this man rushed up to me looking terrified, like someone was chasing him.

He looked at me and said, "Dude be careful up ahead because...

(Now let me pause here to ask you a question. If some crazy person comes running up to you in a highly wooded area, what do you automatically assume? I'm thinking there is a man wearing a hockey mask chasing him with a butcher knife, or a rabid Grizzly bear on the trail killing everyone in it's path.
Wouldn't you assume the same?)

Now back to the story already in progress...

So he is out of breath and can't finish his sentence so I automatically say, "What? What is it? Do you need help?"

He looks up at me with his eyes full of terror and says, "There are seven deer on the trail! BE CAREFUL".

OK. Deer? Seriously dude?

I stared at him and then gave him a good slap on the face, and moved on down the trail.

People can be so queer around wildlife.
Bless his heart, he must be from California.


Megan Woods said…
It's always a good day when Rob blogs.

May I share a story? My husband (who is from California) was hiking in Provo Canyon just after he moved to Utah. He heard a noise in the grass, looked around in terror, and a baby deer came leaping out. He jumped and ran out of the way. (In a recent retelling of this story, he added that his fast reflexes were the only thing that saved him from having a baby deer bite off his kneecaps. I think that part may have been embelleshed a bit.)

Well, thanks for listening.
Carrot Jello said…
Maybe you were walking so fast he didn't want you to hurt them.
ShEiLa said…
must be.
although my sister did have a deer attack her in a campground once... I think it was a fight over snacks.

Sue Sparks said…
I must say the photo of the boy being chased by the deer looks VERY similar to what happened to my sister when we were camping in either Sequoia or Yosemite many years ago. My mom saw a deer running after someone and she thought it was pretty humorous until she realized it was her daughter!

From a second generation Californian:)
Miss Molly said…
The best part was the slap. Could you write that again in slow motion?
Jill said…
I have to laugh at this blog because I have been chased by a deer while out walking. I have to admit though, that I was not laughing at the time!!! He came up from behind us, then took off after my friend. He had his antlers down in her stomach and pushed her across the street. She had the puncture wounds and bruises to show for it. We ended up jumping into the back of a passing truck to get away from it.

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