Crazy People Around My Office

I work in a seedy part of town but sometimes as a government worker I like to get out among the people I serve. So every afternoon I go for a walk in the neighborhoods around my building. There are moments when I walk down a street and either fear for my life or just have a good laugh at what goes on around me. I also get my nose full of some very strong odors. Such exotic smells like urine, dog poop, and ahh my favorite, rotten plums that not only smell but also stain as well. That is a killer combo.
Today as I was walking I noticed a girl behind me who was dressed just like Madonna from the eighties. You know? Ratty hair, puffy skirt, and yes the black lace gloves. She even was sporting a side pony tail with a bow. That's right friends it was a spectacular piece of work. Now, I am always supportive of those who want to dress wildly. Shine on you crazy diamond, I always say. And then the swearing started.
From behind me I hear son of a "boom", son of "bang", Mother "chucker"etc. She wasn't using her inside voice either, friends, she was shouting it to the rafters. I was curious who she was addressing with such strong obscenities but as I looked around I saw no one. Could she be shouting at me? I was just minding my own business. Couldn't she see I was just trying to reach out to her and all the other Madonna look a likes roaming the streets of South Salt Lake? Must she bite the hand of one who is trying love her crazy self. Seriously, WWMD (What would Madonna Do?)
I started to feel bad but as I turned to head into the government center she turned the opposite way. I realized that she wasn't talking to me after all, she was talking to some invisible person who was obviously giving her a bad time. Whew, thank goodness! She wasn't yelling at me, she was just crazy.
What a relief. My charitable walking can still continue.


Erin said…
Great post. I laughed and I laughed. Bless you in your charitable efforts. The normalcy you offer to our Salt Lake seedy neighborhood friends is to be commended. Carry on, carry on!
Oh, Roberto!! I think a little bit of pee came out when i was laughing at this one. I'd like to say i'm shocked at her behavior, but let me just sum up my response by stating "welcome to the life of a social worker." One of my clients kept hitting herself and asking me if I could see the birds attacking her. Robin red breast? Nope. Just drugs.

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