I Heart the Jazz

So my co-worker is obsessed with the Jazz insomuch that she has a life size cut out of Karl Malone that stands next to her by her desk. It is so realistic that sometimes when I get here in the early hours of the morning I forget that Karl is just a cardboard cut out and think he is some sort of cat burglar. I get so startled sometimes I dive behind the desk and then foolishly realized that he isn't attacking but just standing there motionless. Oh, Karl, why must you scare me so?
So on Friday my co-worker brought in some Jazz jerseys that she had collected over the years. We needed the Jazz paraphernalia because part of the before mentioned recruitment commercial for our office took place at a Jazz game. She handed me a jersey to try on and well ...the picture speaks for itself. I think it was a child's large. We all laughed. It was so funny. Sure I couldn't breathe but come on, what is some blacking out among friends.
I strutted around the office for about 15 minutes and then I couldn't get it off. I seriously had to go into the superman stance with arms out to have my co-workers peal that bad boy off. Ah good times.


LuvMnky said…
That jersey is doing wonders for your muscles, Roberto! Good thing you have nice coworkers that let you out of the jersey--and didn't wait until you'd passed out to do it!
Anonymous said…
Lookin' good in that jersey!! That's hot.
Megs said…
I think someone has found their halloween costume!

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