Sweet, Sweet, Horchata

So remember how it was so hot yesterday?

I was getting my car repaired at my friend’s shop, Larry H. Miller. As I was waiting for my car to be repaired, sweat was dripping down my back. And not only was I going to have to pay $900.00 to fix my oil holder (I think that’s the technical name for it) but the A/C was not up and running at Larry H. Miller Honda. So it was stinkin’ hot in Larry H’s waiting room.

There was about twenty of us packed in a room the size of a closet which made it very uncomfortable. The man next to me was holding his overweight dog, whose breathing was quite labored, and this dog kept licking my leg. Sure that cooled off a tiny section of my leg but, cool off my entire body, it did not. And let’s be honest, dog breath, not such a great smell to have on ones leg. To add insult to injury the only thing on the community TV was "Judge Alex".

And so there I sat, wet with my own sweat, thinking I had been there at least an hour but upon looking at the over sized clock with Honda Civics as hands I had only been there five minutes.

So finally, I got up to get a drink to calm my nerves and when I came back guess who was sitting in my chair? My calorie laden dog friend who was licking my leg before. I felt a little betrayed that he had used me in that way. Touch me in the morning and then turn and walk away why don’t cha.

So out of desperation I ran outside to sit in the shade and read my book. But as the hours passed I began to become very parched. And I thought I needed some liquid refreshment, stat.

So as I looked up and wiped the drops of sweat that stung my eye, a sign appeared, from what I believed heaven. BETOS.

BETOS is my favorite place to get Mexican food in the greater Salt Lake Area. I know as do others that every time you eat at BETOS you take you life into your hands as the cleanliness of both the servers and restaurant are a bit sketchy. Sometimes I get very sick eating there, sometimes I don’t. I know that BETOS is a gamble but if you play your cards right you can have a great meal. Hit it on a “salmonella night” and you could be in a word of hurt for a couple of days.

But friends, do you know what I crave more than anything on a hot day? The answer inevitably comes back, Horchata, Horchata, Horchata from BETOS.

I ran across the street bought me a large and sank under a shade tree to sup on the sweet nectar that is Horcata. Oh friends, what relief came into my body and soul as I finally felt sweet refreshment after almost dying of dehydration.

The whole experience has left me entirely speechless, and I have not stopped speaking of it since.

So as the days grow hotter give me a call we will go to BETOS and order us a couple of chicken chimichangas and a large horchata. We may have some serious diarrhea a couple hours later but our thirst will be quenched for a small moment.


DAvID R. said…
Dude, I know what you mean. Great Horchata, horrible poop. I like to call them "Peptos" as everytime I go there I must hit the head. Great Guacamole though.
Emily said…
Glad to hear Beto's is appreciated by someone other than the Flakes! We've frequented the one in Springville for years, our favorite being the #7. It's a bit of a tradition that the first place you go after arriving home from your mission via the Salt Lake Airport, is the Beto's you referred to. Helps ease the pain...or does it only create more?
Erin said…
How crazy! I myself was feeling rather parched after 3 hours of non-stop singing last night, and you know what? I rushed myself right over to Beto's to sooth my raw throat with delicous Horchata! I seem to crave it all the time these days. So increible!
Carrot Jello said…
Note to self: don't be tempted to try that anymore.

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