Sweet, Sweet, Paula

Did any one catch, as I did, this little production number on American Idol the other night? Admittedly I am not a follower of the show but as I was flipping through the channels, imagine my surprise when I spotted what appeared to be Paula Abdul singing and dancing. Upon closer inspection I realized it was her. But something wasn’t quite right.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have on all the respect in the world for Ms. Abdul. She gave us such great 90’s hits as Cold Hearted Snake, Opposites Attract (in fact when anyone ever says “two steps forward” I instinctively belt out, “and two steps back we come together because ‘cause opposites attract and you know…”well you know the rest.). And who can forget my favorite of all her songs Vibeology. I love that part when she shouts, “horny horns” (I have to laugh everytime because what does that even mean?). Thanks for that Paula, that’s true artistry.

But when I watched her dancing and lip syncing, so she could not sound winded, I couldn’t help but think, “Ah good Paula, this doesn’t seem to be your thing any more.” It almost seemed inappropriate for her age, didn’t it?

You know I would rather step on my tongue then criticize others, but come on Paula, your moment has passed. Let’s just stick to your witty, sometimes puzzling comments on American Idol.

If it’s just me I will shut up, but Paula your singing/dancing window is now shut. Let’s move on buddy.


Anonymous said…
You know, I think could do that! I was impressed with the little head mic even though she was lip syncing. They think of everything, don't they! AND, I thought it tricky of them to put the smoke on stage to hide her inadequate dance steps...tried to make it seem dramatic. I would give it 0 stars...not impressed ...only impressed that she would have the NERVE...LOL M.
Erin said…
Why Paula... WHY??!!
Heidi said…
...it's kind of like telling Tony Bennett not to make any more albums...it can't be done. He's Tony Bennett. Paula can do whatever she wants--she's Paula Abdul. :)

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